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Protecting Your Social Security Number

Most documents maintained in the Secretary of State (SOS) files are public records. Many documents filed with our Uniform Commercial Code Division are available through our Web site upon request and payment of the applicable fee. 
Considering our documentsí public nature, PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER on Uniform Commercial Code filings.  Although we attempt to prevent disclosure of social security numbers in all circumstances, due to the large number of documents we receive and limited resources to process those documents, we cannot guarantee a social security number mistakenly placed on a document filed with us will not be disclosed.

In the event that the SOS misses redacting a social security number from a UCC record, any person may notify the SOS and specify the file or document number of the record and location of the social security number within the record and the SOS will replace the image with a redacted public filing image of the record.