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Before You FIle Online

To file online
- You will need a Visa or Mastercard to pay the $50 fee.
- If you need help on one of the fields during the process, please click on the question mark adjacent to it.
- If you would like a copy of the information that you are submitting, print each screen as you complete it.
- To access our Online Filing Guide, click

To Register a Charity: 
If you have never registered in the State of South Carolina:
- You  will be required to provide the charity name and the FEIN number. 
To resume/register/renew any other Charity:
- Log in using your Charity ID and Registration PIN provided on the registration reminder letter that was mailed or e-mailed to you.
- You must have your completed 990 or Annual Financial Report or an IRS extension letter.

To Register Professional Fundraisers:
- If you have registered with the Secretary of State in the past, you must have a PFR ID and Registration PIN. These numbers are found on the registration reminder letter that was mailed or e-mailed to the professional fundraiser.
- All outstanding Joint Financial Reports must be filed before you can complete the registration process online. To file Joint Financial Reports, click on the “Contract Results Filing” button.

 To begin the online filing process, click here.