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Secretary Hammond Names 10 Scrooges & Angels, One Honorary Angel For 2005


Secretary of State Mark Hammond announced the 2005 Angel and Scrooge Lists today at a news conference held at the State House Auditorium in Columbia. The annual designation of the best and worst charities as Angels or Scrooges has become a South Carolina tradition, receiving national recognition from news organizations, such as “Fleecing of America” on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.

Secretary Hammond stated, “When we marked the 10th anniversary of this announcement last year we simply could not have imagined what was to come in 2005.   Hurricanes along the gulf coast uprooted families, ravaged communities, and destroyed lives.  But these disasters also brought out an extraordinary generosity in Americans, who united in their support of relief efforts.  People went beyond just opening their wallet to opening their homes to complete strangers, and communities across our state and nation opened their arms to hurricane victims by the plane and bus load.   Yes, the catastrophes were enormous, but so too are the hearts of Americans.   So many have given so much, and that is why now, more than ever, it is important to choose charities that make the most of every dollar.  Public support for our charities has reached unprecedented levels during this year of natural disasters, but every day in South Carolina unscrupulous charities and telemarketers seek to exploit the kind hearts of our citizens through deceptive fundraising tactics.  South Carolinians are known for their generosity, but we must guard against people who want to violate the public trust and take advantage of our giving spirit.  The Scrooge and Angel lists serve as educational tools for you, the public, and also as a reminder to check it out before you write the check.” 

The annual Scrooge List is based on the charitable organization’s failure to spend a decent percentage of their expenditures on actual programs, their high use of paid (professional) fundraisers, and their presence in our state.  The 2005 Scrooge List, as announced in alphabetical order, with the percentage of funds actually given to the causes they represent:

  • Arthritis Research Institute of America Inc., / Clearwater, Florida  --  38.8%
  • Charleston React Emergency Team  --  6%
  • Fraternal Order of Police York County Lodge #15  --  17.5%
  • Greenville Police Association Local 2803  --  7.3%
  • Hope School Foundation / Springfield, Illinois  --  29.4%
  • Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation / Indianapolis, Indiana  --  27.2%
  • National Veterans Service Fund, Inc. / Darien, Connecticut  --  2.2%
  • Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth / Everett, Washington  --  12.6%
  • United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Inc. / Houston, Texas  --  30%
  • Wishing Well Foundation USA, Inc. / Metairie, Louisiana  --  9.4%

Secretary Hammond said the 2005 Angel List recipients were selected because “these organizations were found to be extremely effective at giving a high percentage of their total expenditures directly to programs for their designated cause, their compliance with the S.C. Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act, and their high use of volunteers in their fundraising efforts.” The 2005 Angels List recipients, as announced in alphabetical order, with the percentage given directly to their cause, are:

  • Aiken Boxing Club (Aiken)  --  89.3%
  • Air Force Aid Society, Inc. / Arlington, VA   --  88.4%
  • Caring and Sharing, Inc. / Hemingway  --  92.1%
  • Fairway Outreach, Inc. / Columbia  --  83.9%
  • Footlight Players / Charleston  --  91.6%
  • Hejaz Charities / Mauldin   --  97.7%
  • Locks of Love / Lake Worth, Florida  --  81.1%
  • Midstate Kyle Page Foundation / Pomaria   --  96.7%
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children / Alexandria, VA  --  94.4%
  • Rocky Bottom Retreat and Conference Center for the Blind (Sunset)  --  90.6%  

Hammond also awarded the Honorary Angel award to SC Cares, in recognition of their outstanding efforts on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Honorary Angels were created post – 9/11 to recognize newly formed charities that respond to immediate and specific needs.   There have been no honorary angel designations since December 2001.

In closing he reminded South Carolinians to “give from the heart, but please give smart.”

Contact: Dona Ayers
(803) 734-0629